Prize Winners

Prizes were awarded to 1, 2 & 3 in each class and 1st Female, Mixed and Veteran teams in E, B & C Classes plus 1st Family team in the C Class only.

  • Winners of Elite class Bob Johnston & Charlie Stead 10:09:26
  • Winners of B class Cillín Corbett & Laurence Quinn 8:47:11
  • Winners of C class Wayne Green & Pete McClelland 8:06:42
  • Winners of D class Jenny Elliott York & Lee York 7:12:33

In addition we were pleased to award two special prizes. The first was to the “Veteran Family” team of Marcella & Ross McLennan – mother and son with a joint age of 105.

The second special award was to Brian Layton for completing his 22nd consecutive Mourne MM. This level of involvement and enthusiasm for the event rivals that of the MMM Committee and we felt that he has probably got to the point where he shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege any more. So, Brian has been awarded free entry into future MMMs for as along as his knees and partners can put up with him.


  • A vast number of photos taken by various people (thank you all). Hosted on flickr.

Blogs galore

  • Follow Mark Robson’s journey to enlightenment through 2015. Share in the tears and laughter (mostly tears) as he prepared his body and mind in “Mark Robson’s blog
  • Another great blog from Mike Lynch in the B Class – here.
  • Sam McNeilly shares her story from the B Class – here
  • Read about trials and tribulations in the Elite from Tomas Albinson in his blogg – here. It’s in Swedish but google translate will give you your language of choice.