Equipment Checks

Kit checks will be made before and after the event and we reserve the right to disqualify any competitors who, in our opinion, do not have the necessary kit to survive an emergency situation out on the hills.

The equipment listed below is the  minimum  you are expected to carry. In bad weather you should consider carrying additional items of clothing. If you are in any doubt as to what might be acceptable within these rules either take additional items or ask a race official before you start. 

  1. Waterproof coat with hood and taped seams (not “showerproof” materials) and full length waterproof trousers 
  2. Hat and gloves (a buff is not acceptable as a hat)
  3. Thermal vest or similar
  4. Tracksters or trousers of at least 3/4 length 
  5. Footwear designed for off trail use suitable for mountain conditions 
  6. Sleeping bag with insulation (full body length with a minimum Lower Comfort Temperature of 4degC as defined by EN13537 OR  at least 1 season) 
  7. Torch suitable for night navigation for at least six hours 
  8. Compass (not electronic) 
  9. Whistle 
  10. Watch or other means of timekeeping 
  11. Pencil, pen or permanent marker suitable for writing on a wet map (eg: Sharpie recommended for laminated map)
  12. Survival bag (not a space blanket) 
  13. Rucksack 

Every team must carry the following equipment: 

  1. One 2 person (at least) tent with sewn-in groundsheet: it must be manufactured as a tent and not as a bivy or something else. N.B. 2 x single person tents are not allowed. 
  2. Cooking equipment – with enough fuel to provide both people with at least one hot meal and drink. 
  3. Food sufficient for 2 people for 36 hours PLUS a small amount emergency rations to remain at the end of day 2 (e.g. 2 chocolate bars) 
  4. First aid equipment consisting of a minimum of one large wound dressing, adhesive dressings and one full roll of two inch bandage & safety pin 
  5. Harvey Superwalker Mourne Map 1:25000 recommended. An OSNI 1:25000 map can be used but it may lack some features and it should be laminated or in a bag.
  6. Mobile Phone (Adult-Junior and Score teams only )

Score Class teams must carry items from the lists above as follows:

  • Individual Items – all items above except the sleeping bag. A “bumbag” can be used instead of a rucksack (if you think you can fit all your kit into it !!) 
  • Team Items – items 4, 5, 6 plus emergency rations of food left over at the end of the day. 

GPS  navigation  devices are not allowed. (GPS tracking devices and altimeters are allowed).

Mobile phones are allowed and recommended for all teams for safety purposes but must not be used for navigation. 

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