Acceptance of and adherence to these rules is a condition of entering this event. Anyone breaking any of these rules may be disqualified from this event and may be banned from future events. The event is run under FRA Rules for Competition with respect to Mountain Marathons.

  1. Participants must compete in teams of two and must maintain contact with each other throughout the event. Both team members must visit each control on their course together, along with their kit.
  2. Teams must be independent and not help each other. Anyone “tagging along” with a team might be construed as giving them an unfair advantage and that team could be penalised or disqualified.
  3. Minimum age in all classes is 18 years on the day of the competition except for Adult-Junior teams in the B, C, D and Score classes where it is 16.
  4. Teams must carry a minimum of equipment as listed. In order to ensure safety and fairness in the event, equipment checks will be made at both the start and finish on a large number of teams. Teams found not to have all the required equipment or who have dumped ANY equipment ANYWHERE in the event will be disqualified. This includes all clothing and camping equipment. Bins provided at the overnight camp are for the disposal of waste food, litter, empty gas cartridges ONLY. This will be monitored closely – if in doubt please ask
  5. Cut-off times at certain locations throughout the two days of competition will be imposed. Teams failing to meet the cut-off times are retired from the course and must report directly to the finish. The cut-off times will be published on the route cards.
  6. All teams must check in at the overnight campsite on Saturday night; teams arriving later than 22:00 hours may not be allowed to start on the following day.
  7. On arrival at the finish competitors will be ‘timed-in’. The winning team in each linear class (E, B, C & D) will be the team with the lowest aggregate time for the two days. Any team which fails to visit any control marker on their chosen course will be deemed not to have completed the course and will be disqualified. Winners in the Score class are based on the number of points collected within the time limit. Points are deducted for each minute over the limit. In the event of a points tie the faster time takes the position.
  8. The NI Countryside Code must be observed at all times during the event. Serious breaches will result in disqualification.
  9. Competitors unable to finish their chosen course must report their retirement to the finish or any other race official and return their timing chip.
  10. In no circumstances will a team member be allowed to continue along the course alone. You may be allowed to pair up with another individual or join another team however both teams will then be deemed non-competitive. This is for both safety and competitive reasons.
  11. Competitors are responsible for ensuring they are fit and experienced enough for an event of this nature and agree to take responsibility for their own safety and actions throughout.
  12. Use of GPS devices to navigate is forbidden although route tracking for later analysis and barometric altimeters are allowed.
  13. Dogs (or any other pets) are not allowed.
  14. Any abuse of marshals or organisers will result in disqualification.
  15. Competitors who, in the opinion of the organisers, act in such a way as to bring the event into disrepute or unnecessarily endanger others will be disqualified and may be banned.

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