The safety and wellbeing of all our participants has always been at the heart of the Mourne Mountain Marathon. For us to hold the event under the extraordinary circumstances of the past 3 years we have put in place a range of measures to keep you and ourselves safe, as well as to comply with government regulations and advice.

UPDATE: 3rd September. The requirement for a 2nd tent has been dropped.

We have reverted to the traditional format that each team must carry one tent suitable for at least 2 people. And we will not be transporting tents or any other kit to the campsite. 

These measures are subject to change – as government advice changes – and we will keep you updated through this webpage, social media and direct emails to entrants as appropriate.

YOU MUST NOT attend the event if:

  • You are unwell with a cough, fever or have had other Covid symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19 within the 5 days before the event. 
  • You are supposed to be Self Isolating

See the NI Direct website for the all the current rules and guidelines


Our main objective is to encourage Social Distancing and good hygiene throughout  this event. Please note and pay careful attention to the instructions below and to any others given by the marshals and organisers on the weekend.

Anyone who refuses to observe these safety measures and any others we feel necessary on the day, will be retired from the event and asked to leave.

Entering the Event

At the point of opening entries we have made plans and arrangements that we expect will meet Government NI regulations, national governing body rules  and the Sport NI framework for Return to Sport . However, there are some unknowns and dependencies at this time that may require us to make changes in the weeks before the event.

Arrival and Registration

  • Start Times are pre-allocated so that we can minimise the number of people at the various stages of the event. Please time your arrival so that you can register and get to the start just in time.
  • You are advised to wear a facecovering in the registration hall and maintain social distancing
  • Hand hygiene and use of sanitiser is recommended
  • Leave the registration hall promptly

Start Day 1

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Try not to touch the Start box with anything but your SI Card

Out on the course (Day 1 and Day 2)

  • During the race please be aware of who is around you and try to maintain distance especially when approaching Checkpoints
  • Do not touch the SI Control boxes except with the tip of the SI Card
  • In an emergency if you have to attend to an injured person be aware of the risk of infection. Wear a face covering and use hand sanitiser if available.

Finish Day 1

  • Maintain social distancing in the Downlaod area
  • We suggest you go and wash your hands and face at the earliest opportunity
  • Please avoid crowding around the results screen. Results will also be uploaded to our website throughout the day and can be viewed individually on smartphones


  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Observe good hygiene. Use the hand sanitiser dispensers provided.

The overnight camp is the highest risk part of the event so please do your very best to maintain Social Distancing and hygiene during your stay. Even if you do not feel particularly vulnerable, other competitors may have more reason to be concerned. RESPECT their safety and wellbeing.


Transport will be available back to the event centre and we recommend the use of face coverings and good ventilation when in vehicles.

Start Day 2

  • You may start any time between 8am and 8.45am which may be used to avoid crowding.

Finish Day 2

  • Keep social distancing in the SI Card Download queue
  • Avoid crowding around the results screen – results will be uploaded to our website through the day and can be viewed individually on smartphones.
  • Outdoor tap and hand sanitiser stations will be provided
  • Refreshments will be provided. A large outdoor area will be available for relaxing and socialising.

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