The daily split times  include teams who changed course on Sunday. These teams are not included in the Overall results as they were thereby non-competitive.

NOTE: Vet Handicapping  – Now calculated as advertised. Unfortunately on the Sunday, we couldn’t calculate these and we were unable to award prizes however these will now be forwarded on to any teams that missed out.

The Vet Handicap winners were

B Class Lesley Mulholland & Hugh Suffern;   C Class Lesley Hunt & John Mursell;   and Keith Adams & Noelle Ryan won MixVet in the C Class. There was no B class MixVet team.

SplitsBrowser is a graphical way to compare your times across each leg of the course with other teams. N.B. For clusters you need to compare with teams who took the controls in the same order.

Visit www.splitsbrowser.org.uk for a groovy graphical comparison of your split times. Go to the Events section and select Day 1 or Day 2 splits for Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon.


You can download any photos for free within the terms of the flickr site (and also upload them if you have a flickr account).