Out On the Hills

Q: During the event, can we take turns running up to the controls?
No. For safety and competitive reasons both team members must stay in contact throughout the event. In practice this means you cannot have one team member take a short cut whilst the other climbs up to a control. Some controls will be marshalled and marked as such on the control description sheets but there will also be secret marshals at some controls. Any team failing to visit a control together may be disqualified forthwith.

Q: Are there water posts around the course?
No. Teams are required to be totally self sufficient on the hills. Mourne stream water is commonly drunk directly but the quality is very dependant on location and weather. We recommend that you carry water or appropriate purification equipment. Drinking water will be available at the overnight camp although it may come from a spring.

Q: What can we dump in the skip at the campsite?
Only waste food, packaging and gas canisters may be dumped at the overnight camp. EVERYTHING else must be carried for the 2 days. This is important for both safety and fairness. We will be monitoring this closely and there will be spot checks on equipment.

Q: Do we have to have to have reserve fuel for cooking on the second day?
No. Teams are only required to be able to make a hot meal on the first day – either at the end of the day or in an emergency out on the course. All other cooking is optional although most teams will also make hot drinks in the evening and at breakfast the next morning.

Q: Can I bring my dog on the course?
NO. Sorry, but we don’t allow dogs as it would complicate our relationships with the various landowners whose cooperation we rely upon. There is also the potential for disturbance to other competitors at the, often, overcrowded campsite.

Q: If my partner drops out during the event, can I still finish on my own?
No. In no circumstances will a team member be allowed to continue along the course alone. You may be allowed to pair up with another individual however both teams will then be deemed non-competitive and no place awarded. This is for both safety and competitive reasons.