One Day Score


In  2017 we are introduced a 1 Day Score race on the Saturday with a 6hr time limit.

This class is open to Teams of 2 of any ability as long as you can safely navigate your way the minimum distance (typically 15km)  from the Start to the Campsite  within the 6hrs.

Points Make Prizes

Unlike the other classes, in the Score there is no fixed course. Collect as many controls as possible in whatever order you think is best. Each control is worth a certain number of points with the hard to get ones worth more than the easy ones.  If you go over the 6hr limit you start to lose points again. So, for example,  you have to judge if that juicy looking 30pt control up the hillside is worth the risk of you being 10min late and losing more points than you gained. The winner is the team with the most points and ties are settled by the fastest time.

 Vets Handicapping

On the Score course, the total points score for the day is increased by 1% for every year over 45 of the elder competitor.  If the total point score  is negative, no adjustment is made. See the Courses page for more details on handicapping.


The Score race takes place alongside the other classes. Starts will be between 9.00am-10.00am at 2 min intervals and places are limited to 30 Teams. The required equipment is cut down from the 2 Day event and is based on Fell Runner Association recommendations and will be rigorously enforced. See Equipment page for details. Light  refreshments will provided at the end of the course and we will ferry kit bags from the Event Centre to the Campsite so that teams can have whatever dry clothing and food they want waiting for them at the finish. Our shuttle bus will take teams back to the Event Centre  from 15:30 onwards but we hope that Score runners will relax around the campsite for a while and share their experiences and route choices with the Linear course teams. There should be some interesting comparisons.


Score teams will be required to carry very similar equipment to the two day teams. See the Equipment section for details. Whilst “Scorers” are only out for the one day, the risks are very much the same plus we can only imagine what random route they might chose to take through the mountains. So safety kit is still a high priority.


We have often been asked if we could put on a single day event for those people who don’t have the time to commit to 2 days or who want to build their experience in this type of event. The Score Course is the perfect solution as it allows people to go as far and as hard as they like, safe in the knowledge that they can go direct to the finish at any stage. There will be enough controls hidden away in difficult places to make it a real challenge for the most experienced orienteerers to get within the 6hr limit whilst lesser mortals can easily walk the direct route and pick up the easy controls along the way.

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