Please note that the terms dns, dnf, mp which are listed against non-finishing teams are not necessarily accurate. We have included these teams in the results in order to recognise the fact that they took part in the event and also so that people can compare their day and split times where appropriate.
There are also a few entries where the split times have been lost due to a computer error.  Apologies to those teams who have been affected.
Please let us know of any errors or omissions

Visit www.splitsbrowser.org.uk for a groovy graphical comparison of your split times. Go to the Events section and select Day 1 or Day 2 splits for  Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon.

How to use Splits Browser
1) First select the team you want to compare yourself with in the “COMPARE WITH” box at the top.
2) The time axis (horizontally Left to Right) is set for the team you have selected in the Compare With box
3) The time axis is broken up into the leg sections. The width of each section is the proportion of that leg time compared to the total time of the selected team.
4) If you now select your team (from the LHS), the graph shows how long you took to do each leg.
– A FLAT line means you took the same time
– A DOWNWARD line means you took longer
– An UPWARD lines means you were quicker
– The STEEPNESS indicates how much faster or slower you were on that leg.

A good way to get your head around this is to COMPARE WITH someone you know or were competing against because then you will see faster and slower legs as opposed to just seeing a plunging graph when compared to the winner.
You can display as many runners as you like but don’t forget that the time axis is always set by the COMPARE WITH team – ie: if you also select this team, their graph will be flat.
The Tick Boxes on the bottom RHS determine what types of time are shown on the RH side. The graph gets scrunched as you click these on in order to allow the extra text to be displayed.
N.B. Splitsbrowser does not make sense in a cluster !!