Some details of the event change from year to year – in particular the precise location of the start/finish and how to get there and final Health and Safety information. More information will be provided on this in the weeks before the event. In the meantime here are some perennial instructions to note in conjunction with the Rules:

  • Courses are  planned using the Harvey Mourne Mountains map 1:25000 scale. Every competitor is advised to be in possession of this map which is available from Jackson Sports, Harvey’s and most good outdoor pursuits shops and online stores.
  • Gas and other last minute items may be purchased from Jackson Sports on the Saturday morning at the Event Centre. Please ORDER your particular type of gas canister from Jacksons well in advance.
  • A bit of advice for newcomers to the sport – keep your rucksack as light as possible.!!
  • On Day 1 the teams start at intervals between 08:30 and 10:30. When using the Online Entry system teams may select their own start time from a list of available times. If entering by post, teams will only be able to request a preference. The online Team Lists will show the Start Times.
  • Teams need to allow time for registration, gear check and walk to the start on Day 1. More info on this will be given in the Final Instructions.
  • We use the SPORT-Ident electronic timing system. One small “SI Card” will be attached to the wrist of one team member and must be worn throughout the event. See our FAQs for more info on this.
  • All equipment must be carried by the team throughout the event. Any dumping will be penalised by disqualification and possible barring from future events.
  • At the overnight campsite teams are expected to continue to be self-sufficient although running water (usually from a stream), portaloos and a skip (see dumping rule) are provided. The campsite is off-limits to visitors.
  • On Day 2, reveille will be around 07:00 and there will be a rolling mass start for all classes between 08:00 and 08:45.
  • Finishers will be gear-checked at random.
  • Sandwiches, drinks and the coveted MMM T-shirts will be provided at the finish.