A big THANK YOU to all our volunteers!

The success of the Mourne Mountain Marathon depends on the volunteer efforts and dedication of many people. Without these people the event would not be the event it is today. We thank each and every volunteer for their time and enthusiasm.

Committee. Jim Brown, Mark Pruzina, Terry Mc Queen, Kerry Hall, Gareth Mc Keown, Paddy Mallon, Frank Morgan.

Registration Team. Alison Mc Queen, Sharon Stuart, Elaine Peele, Angela Collins, Helen Shields, Peter Howie, Jackie Toal, Mark Pruzina, James Carr, Simon Pruzina, Paddy Mallon, Mark Robson, Katie Sparham Brown, Katie Lambert, Anna Proctor..

Bus and Car parking. Brian O Neill, JimDuffy, Nigel Foley Fisher, Shirley Farnham, Andrew McMullen, Ciara Murphy, Hanna Mc Mullen.

Start Team day one. Frank Morgan, Eugene McCann, Marty McVeigh, Paul Rodgers, Terry McQueen, Gareth McKeown.

Multimedia. Kerry Hall, Simon Hall, Alex Hall.

First Aid. Peter Howie, Andrew McMullen, Alison Collins.

Overnight campsite. Paddy Mallon, Frank Morgan, Gareth McKeown, Andrew McMullen, Hanna McMullen, Nigel Foley Fisher, Brian O Neill and David Porter.

Score class catering. Alison Mc ueen, Shirley Farnham, Katie Lambert, Anna Proctor.

Marshals, Pauline O’Hara, Denise O’Hagen, Michael Dodds, Peter McClenaghan, Craig Bell, Colin Butters, Mark Robson, Katie Sparham Brown.

Day 2  Food and T shirts. Alison McQueen, Paddy Mallon, Graham Smyth, Shirley Farnham.

Collecting controls. Colin Butters, Peter McClenaghan, Craig Bell, Gareth McKeown, Andrew Harvey,  Martsje Hell, Graham Smith, Mark Robson, Katie Sparham Brown, Shirley Farnham, Terry Mc Queen.

Quite a few of the people mentioned carried out many more tasks than those listed, being available when required to carry out what are sometimes mundane tasks, but all essential to the smooth running of the event.  We hope we have not missed anybody but if we have, apologies and please get in touch.

MMM Committee