Changes to MMM 2020

The Mourne Mountain Marathon will no doubt feel a bit different this year, due to COVID-19. We will not be able to mill around and socialize in group situations, but on the other hand by ensuring social distancing, it should be possible to chat away with old friends and other competitors on the course and at the campsite.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our participants, we have made the following changes to the event, which you need to be aware of.

1. Each team must bring an extra tent

Each team must bring an extra tent to be used at the overnight camp. We will transport this tent to the campsite for you. Participants may share a single tent – within one team or between teams – if they are from the same household or a “support bubble”.

2. Be READY TO GO at registration

Report to registration at Meelmore Lodge 30min before start time and be READY TO GO with your:

  • Face coverings on
  • Hand sanitiser to hand
  • Spare tent
  • Full kit

If you are missing any of these you will not be allowed to register.

Registration will take about 10 minutes and comprise:

  • Tent Drop plus kit bags and keys
  • Face covering and hand sanitiser check
  • Registration and SI Air Contactless chip issue
  • Kit Check

3. SI Air Contactless chip timing

This year, we are issuing SI Air Contactless (SIACs) chip timing to record your time at each checkpoint. SIACs do not need to be “dibbed” into the control box and means you don’t have to touch the control boxes. The SIAC only needs to be passed within 50cm of the control for it to register the “punch”. They can be worn on the wrist or kept in a pocket, but do not wear beside your GPS watch.

4. Social Distancing

We will be enforcing 2m social distancing throughout the event and please observe:

  • in the registration queue on day 1 and start queue on day 2
  • in the SI Card Download queue at the finish on both days
  • queues for toilets and water at the campsite

The overnight camp is the highest risk part of the event so please do your very best to maintain Social Distancing and hygiene during your stay. Even if you do not feel particularly vulnerable, other competitors may have more reason to be concerned. RESPECT their safety and wellbeing.

5. No notice boards and results screens

There will be no notice boards or results screens – all information will be published via our website through the day. We recommend you bring a smart phone but be careful not to run the battery flat while surfing the web on Saturday night!

You may want to share your route on our page on Strava.

6. Competitors to bring face coverings and hand sanitiser

Face coverings and hand sanitiser (100ml bottle) are mandatory kit for this year and you will not be able to take part without them. Face coverings should be worn in any queues. We will provide hand sanitiser beside the toilets at the campsite and please use upon exit.

7. No visitors please

Please ask friends and family to stay away from the Event Centre. If you are being dropped off or collected, please try to minimise this time.

8. No prize giving

There will be no prize giving at the end of day 2, but we will be publishing results and details of winners on our website and social media.

A large outdoor area will be available for relaxing and socialising at the end of day 2 – but please still maintain a safe distance. There will be no showers or changing facilities.

We look forward to some good racing and seeing everyone on the 19th & 20th of September.

MMM Committee