Entries and Changes

Q: What age qualifies as Vet category
The Vet category is open to teams where both members are aged 45 or over. Only the elder team member’s age is used to calculate the handicapping with an additional 10 years being added to the woman’s age for this calculation. This is explained more fully in Courses section.

Q: Is there a lower age limit for the event
Yes, the minimum age on the day of the event is 18yrs in the Elite and B Classes and 16yrs in the C and D classes N.B.Juniors must be partnered by their parent/gaurdian and other conditions apply. See Rules of the event

Q: Can we have a late/early start time?
If anyone has a burning need for a particular Start Time please let us know by email and we will try to slot you in as desired.

Q: How will I know that you have received my entry.
Online entries are automatically posted on the Entries List page. Paper entries are processed and should be posted onto the Entries List within about 14 days. If you are concerned about your entry status AFTER August 1st please contact us.

Q: My partner has selfishly let me down. Do you know anyone else looking to team up.
Use our facebook page to find partners (for this event only.!!) . If you are unsuccessful please note the rules about refunds. Good Luck.

Q: If one or both of us are unable to compete, can we get a refund.
Yes. See “Withdrawing your entry” on the Entries page.

Q: What’s a “rolling mass start”.
A proper mass start is when everyone starts at the same time. However, for the Mourne MM we hold a rolling mass start on the Sunday morning for all teams between 08:00 and 08:45. Your Start Time is registered in the Control Box. Teams are free to use this window to competitive advantage.