Results 2017

Overall Results – of all courses and both days are here. Including Split Times. These are provisional pending on anyone spotting any glaring errors.

Over the next few days we will add links to  Splits Browser, Winsplits and Routegadget so you can analyse your performances in microscopic detail.

Routegadgetlvo.routegadget.co.uk ) will show your course animated using average time for each straight leg but you can over plot this by drawing in your actual route to each control. If you have a GPS file from your watch you can upload this for the ultimate post-event-navigational-angst-fest. See our FAQ section for a brilliantly written guide on how to use Routegadget. (If you don’t like it then search the web for one of the many shaky video guides)

N.B. Unfortunately, if you are hand drawing your route, RG won’t work with if you didn’t do the cluster in the default order provided. Sorry about this. GPS plots work fine as RG just runs it as given.

Other online split times analysis tools. N.B. These tools assume everyone does the same checkpoint order so they don’t work well with clusters and free order. But they are useful where the legs are the same.

Route cards

Route maps

Pictures of route maps with routes drawn on by the lead teams.