GPS Trackers and Routegadget

This year we hope support the use of GPS tracker watches in the event as they really add to course analysis and the enjoyment that people get out of the event. To help with this we will have a bank of 10 USB charging ports at the campsite so you can charge your watches for the next day. So bring your USB leads and/or chargers if need be.

We will also publish the courses on Routegadget and upload the split times at the end of each day.

In its most basic form this allows you to view any team’s progress in an animated track against any other. Even better, you can go into the online tool and draw in your actual course as you remember it. Even, more better, you can upload your GPS record and see the actual actual track animated.

And, wait for it, … there is even the chance that you will be able to do this at the campsite on Saturday afternoon.

See  LVO Routegadget for a preview of how this works.

Please note that while we support the use of GPS for tracking we still do not want people using it for navigation as this would severely detract from the competitiveness and the core ethos of the event. We would ask that all users of GPS watches refrain from using them from navigation except in an emergency.

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